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  1. Wendy

    - 23.02.2023

    Product great Serious problem in communication with your call centre - the person you employ is in the wrong job … but all well in the end..

    - 23.02.2023

    Thank you for the message. We are happy that you are satisfied with the product. We apologize that we were not able to help you. We are glad that the situation was resolved in the end.

  2. Nadia

    - 06.02.2023

    It keeps me going all day. Delivery is within the week

  3. Diogo

    - 31.01.2023

    I love to taste of the water when i add remac to wather.

  4. Robert

    - 18.01.2023

    Great service

  5. Charlotte

    - 10.01.2023

    Great product would definitely recommend

  6. Nicole

    - 08.12.2022


  7. Charlotte

    - 02.12.2022

    Great product

  8. Olive

    - 11.09.2022

    Excellent service

  9. Ivar

    - 21.08.2022

    Exelent product, REMAG, energy levels have gone up past 2 weeks of use. And i love the taste of the water when i add remac to whater.

  10. Nicole

    - 14.08.2022

    I recommend these products and this distributor, very good service! Thank you

  11. David

    - 07.08.2022

    Great communication and delivery of goods. Product very good

  12. Robert

    - 04.08.2022

    Prompt delivery with progress reports in the interim. Received in good order.

  13. Marcos

    - 01.07.2022

    Great service and as always a wonderful product. I have been using Remag for years and I have seen tremendous changes in my day to day

  14. Sandra

    - 03.04.2022


  15. Veronica

    - 21.03.2022

    Thank you! Quick, perfect!

  16. Soufiane

    - 05.02.2022

    Excellent product, best magnesium on the market for me.

  17. Marcos

    - 31.01.2022

    Wonderful to be able to purchase this fabulous product in Europe !! I have been using Remag for over three years now and I certainly have noticed the difference..Great service thank you.

  18. Rita

    - 31.12.2021

    For those who are as sensitive as myself is This to strong for thé intestins . I put one milliliter,in 1 liter water and if i drink This not even thé whole bottle, thé next day i havé diarree .

    - 25.01.2022

    Hello, thank you for your comment. We are sorry for your troubles. Yes, some people with poor body condition or intoxication may experience these unpleasant reactions. We recommend reducing the dosage to 1-5 drops taken in a glass of water in the morning. As your body condition improves, you will be able to gradually increase the dosage.

  19. Jeanette

    - 20.12.2021

    Dr Dean’s products are excellent.

  20. Lu

    - 28.11.2021

    All good, thanks !